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Thrivers: An LP Novel: Franco, Book 2 , Hörbuch...
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Two Tonio Francos. TJ and Franco. One on a stage. One in a cage. Both in a rage.   TJ. Falling for Kamara Day. On a college campus gone cray. The seniors caught in the culture war crossfire. TJ himself on fire. Burning in five different directions like he’s all of One Direction. Big brother to Kyd. Fraternity VP. Intern in NYC. Rappin to Drag’s beats. And. That f***ing demon he can’t defeat. The one pushing him to the ledge. At Jersey’s northeastern edge. Hoboken. The kid about to jump. No jokin. Haunted by many things. Especially THE Thing. Seven years lingering. Infecting. Tingling. Battling that other force. That one that makes him come alive. When he sees the girl with the golden eyes....   Kamara Day. The hipster scene queen. Her conscience clean. Already sorted through her childhood drama. No longer bothered by her father. No longer mixed up about her mixed race. But. Those dates with TJ in the moonlight. The choir girl dreaming of the limelight. Of singing as he rhymes tight. Ya know, if the spring lovers can even weather the bad weather. Cuz sometimes, it can rain all day. In NJ. And right alongside the drama of the seniors....   That of Franco Senior’s. The retired MMA champ living with Julie and their six-year-old kid named Kyd. Somewhere in the burbs of Jersey. Yet still stompin in his old stomping grounds. Running the family fight club in Woodbridge. His up-and-comer’s upcoming match a bridge. To sponsors who could keep the club afloat. Or the Francos go broke. Lose everything they own. Extra motivation to reclaim the throne. As he battles. A demon of his own.   LP Novel: (n.) Lyrical Prose novel. A novel styled lyrical. At times. In its usage of wordplay. And rhymes. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Cary Hite. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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